Telia Company launches world’s first commercial 4G mobile access for Carrier Ethernet services

A new service offering will enable businesses and public sector to extend digital services to challenging environments by connecting the data network in these locations to the 4G mobile network. The new service is now available in Sweden and Finland.

Society is rapidly going through a digital transformation. However, this transformation can be a challenge for large organizations with operations in remote locations and temporary sites, where there is no connectivity at all or access to a modern telecom infrastructure is relying only on copper-based network with limited bandwidth.

These types of challenging environments can exist in modern fiber connected facilities as well, such as industrial sites, where building new infrastructure on site is costly and complicated.

“Our new 4G mobile access for Carrier Ethernet services allows organizations to connect sites to their data network, WAN, through 4G. Enabling them to extend digital services to the entire organization, even those in challenging environments. They can deploy the solution in just a week and without having to build new infrastructure,” says Thomas Johansson, head of Multi National Customers, Global Services & Operations at Telia Company.

“The huge investments we have made in our Nordic and Baltic 4G network the last couple of years, improving coverage as well as capacity and speed, has really paved the way for this launch,” he says.

The new service, 4G Mobile Access for L2VPN, primarily targets larger organizations, for example manufacturers, healthcare providers, regional governments and municipalities. The service is now available in Sweden and Finland.

Certified services
“MEF congratulates Telia for the company’s pioneering innovation in providing 4G mobile access for Carrier Ethernet services,” says Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF, the defining body for Carrier Ethernet standards and the driving force for agile, assured, and orchestrated connectivity services. “Telia has been a leader in providing MEF CE 2.0 certified services in the Nordic and Baltic markets, and this latest service offering will speed the ability to deliver high performance Carrier Ethernet services to more customers and more locations.”

In 2015, Telia Company was the first carrier in the Nordics to achieve MEF CE 2.0 certification, guaranteeing customers globally compliant Carrier Ethernet services that will work seamlessly with their network.