Telia sets new 4G record in Sweden

Telia and Ericsson have achieved a top speed of 757 Mbit/s in a live 4G network in Stockholm.

Telia Company recently demonstrated record-breaking speed in a real network environment in Stockholm. The test was conducted together with partner Ericsson using multiple antenna technology.

Mobile testing on Stockholm rooftops

MiMo testing
To meet the increasing consumer demand for faster and more reliable networks and to pave the way for future 5G development, Telia is repeatedly trialing the latest technology.

During the last month, Telia and Ericsson have tested massive MiMo (multiple input, multiple output), a technology for wireless communications in which multiple antennas are used.

“We need to constantly challenge ourselves and our mobile networks with the latest technology, to meet the expectations of our customers and to continue to be the industry leader. Massive MiMo will be one of the technologies enabling higher speed and ensuring high minimum levels for our customers,” says Mats Lundbäck, CTO at Telia in Sweden.