A note on today’s article in Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Industri

In relation to reports in Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Industri today, Thursday January 19, Johan Dennelind, President and CEO, and Marie Ehrling, Chairman of the Board, would like to make the following statement:

“Telia’s management and board have the same agenda. We work diligently and with great focus to make progress in a range of the complex matters that Telia is dealing with as a result of decisions that were made before we took over responsibility for the company.
Current board and management have established a clear strategy for the future Telia Company, the New Generation Telco, with the Nordic and Baltic region as its base. To create value for our 500.000 shareholders in a responsible way has been our priority since day one. Cooperation between the management and board works seamlessly and is characterized by mutual trust. We do, however, have a number of challenges that we need to handle and while we wish that these issues could be solved quicker, perseverance and determination are often required to achieve success. It is not up to us to have opinions about our owners – instead our task is to, in cooperation with our owners, create a bright future for Telia Company. We are in continuous and constructive dialogue with all larger owners.”

In addition, Marie Ehrling would like to make the following statement:

“With regards to the question of variable pay for senior executives, the board has been very clear to all owners for several years that it is desirable to introduce a long-term incentive program also for the top management of the company. Variable pay and incentive programs are already in place for roughly 300 executives at Telia Company. The board has emphasized that it is important in order to increase competitiveness in the long run. We regret that we have not received enough support for this idea, but we are in continuous dialogue with our owners. The board has clearly set out its position and how the process is handled at Telia's annual general meetings in 2015 and 2016.”