App will help new immigrants find jobs

Lernia and Telia will develop an easy to use app service that will guide people who are new to Sweden all the way to a job.

The collaboration was presented on March 28 by Telia Sweden CEO Hélène Barnekow, workforce solutions and training company Lernia's President and CEO Helena Skåntorp along with Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg at Telia Connect2Business, an event where companies come together to gain new insights into digitization and customer service experiences.

Labor shortage in Sweden
The new digital service will allow new arrivals to learn how the Swedish labor market functions and the steps you need to go through to get a job or an internship already from the first day in the country.

Sweden is suffering from labor shortages in major sectors such as for example healthcare and automotive industries. Allowing new migrants the opportunity to enter the labor market and contribute to the economy quickly is critical to the society.

The service is designed as a free app and includes, for example, information about how to get professional experiences validated, where to find job vacancies and how to get an internship. The service will be launched this autumn in Swedish, English and Arabic.