Telia Company among the brands that Estonians love most

Google, Kalev, Swedbank, YouTube and Telia are the most popular brands in Estonia. Telia climbed significantly in the ranking, from 10th to 5th place.

According to a brand survey conducted by the Estonian research agency Kantar Emor  the most likeable brands among Estonian people is Google, favored by 15.4%, followed by sweets producer Kalev (15.2%), Swedbank (13%), Youtube (11%) and Telia (10%). Compared to last year’s ranking, Telia, Selver and SEB have improved their positions.

Elo Võrk, Brand Manager at Telia Estonia, said that even though Telia launched its new brand only a little over a year ago, it is already highly valued by Estonians.
“Telia made a huge leap this year outperforming even the top results of its previous brands, Elion and EMT, which gained 3rd and 6th place in 2015, respectively. We are very glad that Estonian people value Telia highly.“

In the spontaneous awareness category, Samsung has been the most popular brand the past three years. Samsung was named by 13% of the respondents this year, last year the result was 10%. Telia, with 11%, moved from 7th to second place (last year 6%).

Most likeable brands in Estonia in 2017
Google        15%
Kalev          15%
Swedbank   13%
Youtube       11%
Telia           10%
Selver         10%
Gmail          9%
Skype         9%
ETV            9%
SEB            8%

Spontaneous brand awareness in 2017
Samsung     13%
Telia           11%  
Nike            9%
Kalev          8%
Sony           6%
Apple          6%
Elisa           6%
Adidas         5%
Bosch         5%
Selver         5%

The survey on the most popular brands in Estonia was carried out 10-17  April, polling 1,009 respondents aged 15 to 74.