Ecofleet and Telia team up to track fuel emissions and create a greener car fleet

Fleet management solutions provider Ecofleet will use Sense, Telia’s connected car solution, to take fleet management to the next level by measuring fuel emissions. The ambition is to make the fleet even more environmentally friendly.

Telia Sense is a cloud based solution for the connected car. An app and a small piece of hardware give car owners access to smart services and features such as car control, 4G wifi connectivity and partner services like car inspection and maintenance, road assistance, insurance repair and parking services.

Ecofleet is the first enterprise partner to connect to the Telia Sense enterprise platform. Emission data is collected in real time from the vehicle and at the end of each trip, Telia Sense transfers the information to Ecofleet. This allows Ecofleet to compile emission and event reports for its enterprise customers and keep a close eye on emission values and other car data.

A greener car fleet
“Our ambition is to make our cloud fleet solution we provide to our customers even greener and more environmentally friendly. Real emission data is the very starting point for us to provide our customers with a knowledge of what and where to improve in order to reduce their CO2 carbon footprint and reduce fuel cost. Telia Sense is a great fit to the Ecofleet solution since it reads car data in real time and is very easy to install and get up and running. We can also leverage Telia Sense’s other features such as Car Wifi, alerts, engine fault code warnings and more,” says Stig Lyngsie, COO and co-founder, Ecofleet.

“We’re really happy that Ecofleet has chosen Telia Sense, not the least for such a great cause. Using data to optimize driving and thereby doing environmental good is technology at its best. It’s another proof point of our ambition to create new and amazing IoT ecosystems to the benefit of people, companies and society as a whole,” says Karin Rehbinder, Senior Product Manager for Telia Sense.

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