2016 - A good year for Telia Estonia

2016 was one of the most successful years for Telia Estonia in terms of number portability, as more customers ported their number to Telia compared to Elisa and Tele2, the two main competitors for Telia Estonia in the area of mobile services.

It has been more than five years since Telia gained more customers than both its competitors but in 2016 it happened again. According to the Technical Surveillance Authority (TSA), the number of customers who ported their number to the Telia network 2016 was higher by 2,104 than the number of those who left Telia. For Elisa, the result was +184 and for Tele2 -2,281.
According to Kristjan Viilmann, Head of B2C Segment Management at Telia, the competition in the mobile services market is stronger than ever before and every customer counts. Given the competitive market situation, we are even more pleased with our good results.

Almost 400 new base stations increase mobile services
Maybe part of the explanation to this success can be found in the development of the mobile network that has considerably increased network capacity for Telia Estonia customers.
In 2016, Telia installed 399 new mobile base stations across Estonia, and built more than 130 in-house solutions in different buildings.

According to Ermo Polma, Manager at Radio Network at Telia Estonia, the company implemented 31 new base station locations, thereby increasing its 3G (UMTS900) and 4G (LTE800) network coverage areas.

“Additionally, we have increased network capacity in 210 base stations in order to support the Fix4G (4G Home Internet) service which is rapidly gaining popularity,“ Polma explained.