Telia Company’s subsidiary Fältcom to connect traffic lights in New York City

Fältcom, a Telia Company subsidiary, has closed a prestigious deal with the New York City Department of Transportation for an IoT-upgrade of 475 traffic lights to create better and safer traffic flow at intersections.

Telia Company acquired Fältcom, a leading and well established company in the growing connected public transportation market, in February 2017.

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) has now chosen Fältcom’s platform MIIPS to upgrade a total of 475 traffic lights in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island in a first phase aiming at improving traffic flow at intersections.  
It is estimated that there are more than 13,000 traffic lights in New York City.

"Great foundation"
“This deal strengthens our position and ambition to become a leading, global provider of Smart Public Transport services. It is also a great foundation for further expansion in the Smart Transport & Logistics and Smart City space,” says Tobias Andersson, Vice President Global Sales at Fältcom.

Third deal
This is Fältcom’s third project together with the DOT who during 2016 chose the MIIPS platform to introduce a program which connects buses and digital displays to provide travel information in real time via mobile apps and at New York City's 16,000 bus stops. “We strive to become the preferred platform for smart public transportation for New York City. This project also creates opportunities with other traffic authorities across North America,” says Andersson.

Telia Company acquires Fältcom