Podcast: Smart cities and the digital traffic revolution

The Fast Forward podcast is here with a new episode – this time it is about how cities getting smarter will improve the lives for people, highlighting the potential and the challenges.

Imagine a city with no traffic jams.
Fewer accidents.
And much less pollution.

This is a vision of future cities – but it is not merely utopian.
With digital development, people’s life could be much easier, safer and more convenient. Sometimes the concept “smart cities” is used, implying that digital solutions could create an environment that is far from what many of us are experiencing today.
We’re taking a look at what some cities are doing to become smarter, what the potential and challenges are and what’s on the ordinary cititizen’s wish list.

We talk to Anna Kramers, PhD at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Her area of research is Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart Sustainable Cities.
We also interview Dan Strömberg, CEO of Telia Estonia, about the pioneering project in the city of Tartu and talk to Peter Fristedt, a cab driver in Stockholm who is longing for new solutions to old problems.

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Hosted by Swedish journalists Mattias Bergman and Andreas Utterström, Telia Company’s podcast “Fast Forward” describes and explores digitalization beyond the buzzwords.

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