Follow Apple's launch: LIVE!

Tonight, Telia Company will broadcast live what Apple has called its “most important launch in ten years”. In cooperation with Danish tabloid newspaper BT MetroXpress, Telia Denmark will guide viewers through the entire evening.

Telia Company is excited about today’s event.

Although several global media stations and analysts claim to know what's in store at tonight’s launch, the buzz is bigger than ever. Apple has called tonight's event "the most important launch in ten years."

From Telia's TV studio in Denmark, digital blogger Christiane Vejlø and television and radio host Thomas Skov will guide viewers through Apple’s launch in Cupertino, CA. Live coverage will be mixed up with comments from the studio and interviews with a Danish journalist, Torben Vognsen, on site in California.

The broadcast will stream on, among other places, Telia Denmark's website and Facebook page, on the BT MetroXpress website as well as on You Tube.  During the show, viewers can send in their questions. Apple-related questions will be put to Christiane Vejlø or Torben Vognsen in Cupertino, while the studio hosts, supported by Telia personnel, will address Telia-related questions

The whole show will run for about four hours.

Be sure to watch: you can find more information, the evening program and the links here.