Happy 100th Finland!

Telia Company and the rest of the world congratulate Finland on 100 years of independence today on December 6.

The flag of Finland will wave on poles across the country, and the Telia Company building in Vallila will be lit up in white and blue. The main entrances will be decorated with Finland 100 jubilee banners.

Also as part of the celebrations, Telia Company gave Finland the Digiboom project earlier this year – a joint project between Save the Children Finland and Telia that promotes children's rights online. Digiboom is one of the official "Finland 100" projects, projects that will last at least throughout 2017. So far, Digiboom has addressed more than 10,000 children and thousands of parents, teachers, youth workers and IT professionals. Many Telia employees have contributed during the events, as Younite volunteers, and more activities are being planned for 2018.

Furthermore, the Finnish telecom operators will send a text message to all citizens on December 6, between 10am and 6pm, to congratulate the people of Finland.