Youngsters wanted to be digitally creative with Telia Company

This weekend, Telia Company hosted a meetup for Hello World, a non-profit organization that promotes children’s and young people’s interest in digital creativity.

More than 100 children in the ages of 8-18 years met this past Sunday in the company’s Solna office to test and improve their coding and digital skills.

“I want to be a robot scientist,” a ten-year old girl exclaimed. “I want to create Android robots because they can think.” Her friend’s goal is to be a designer and another girl wants to be a programmer. “It's great fun to see what you can develop just by writing texts.”

Some of these children learn programming at school, but not all. Arranging meetings and camps where they can meet and help each other, coached by experienced programmers, is one of the activities that the non-profit organization Hello World does. The goal is to ensure Sweden’s IT skills in the future by making digital creativity easily access¬ible to all young people.

At the meetup, Telia employees volunteered with expert knowledge as part of the YOUNITE initiative which enables employees to engage in activities and societal contributions connected to digitalization.

About Hello World
Telia Company is a partner to Hello World. The main idea is that knowledge of programming develops creativity and logical thinking. Hello World engages with Swedish business and industry, universities, foundations, the public sector and other non-profit organisations in order to collaboratively make the activities available to children and young people across the country. Read more at