World's top leaders gather in Davos

Johan Dennelind, President and CEO of Telia Company, will participate in the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos. There he will push the message on how digital solutions will reshape the world to the better, but for this to happen, more partnerships between public and private sectors are crucial.

Phillip Malloch, Head of Group Public Affairs at Telia Company, will also be present in Davos. “Telia Company is a member of the World Economic Forum as it allows us to drive discussions and debates about our views on how many of the elements that come together to digitalise societies, should be shaped and executed on. The Annual Meeting in Davos brings together all the leaders and stakeholders that we need to get behind and support in their change agendas as well.”

“Common aspirational goal”
The Davos meeting is a unique event, gathering the world’s top leaders from business, politics and civil society.
Telia Company has an ambition to take a leading role in the shaping of a new digital era, but understands that change depends on co-operation with governments and other stakeholders. “It is important that we have a common aspirational vision when it comes to digitalisation. We believe that setting the bar higher towards gigabit societies with terabit territories is a great way to pull towards a common goal by 2025. We want public leaders to also raise their game and aspirations,” says Malloch.

Improve and cut costs
There are many problems in the world that are waiting to be resolved. The UN has highlighted the most pressing ones in its Sustainable Development Goals, and concludes that solutions to the problems will be delivered faster and more effectively by embracing new technology. “It is available. Governments now need to embrace the possibilities. Digital solutions for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, social services and traffic systems can improve and cut costs. We know that digitalization and embracing digital solutions will be the way to overcome many of society’s challenges. This is something we will emphasise during our meetings in Davos,” explains Malloch.

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