Independent experts recognize need to combine LMT and Lattelecom

Telia Company welcomes the decision of the Latvian government to publish the report prepared by KPMG on the strategy for government action regarding its ownership in LMT and Lattelecom. Telia Company believes that transparency and an open debate will be the cornerstone of finally resolving the situation and looks forward to studying the KPMG analysis in detail.

From Telia Company’s perspective, it is too early to comment on the recommendations of the KPMG report, as the company has not yet had the possibility to study them in detail nor had received any concrete proposals in this regard from the Latvian government. Telia Company nonetheless understands that the report recognizes the current ownership structure as not optimal and advocates for combining LMT and Lattelecom – an approach the company has been encouraging for a long time as the only solution to ensure their sustainable future.

 Telia Company is ready to engage in a constructive, transparent and open dialogue with all stakeholders and looks forward to a swift conclusion of the government’s internal discussion and learning about its vision and strategy for the development of the two companies.