New report: Telia’s mobile network best in Sweden

Telia’s mobile network has been rated the best in Sweden – again. Furthermore, Telia has secured one of the top spots on the list of the world’s best mobile networks. It’s all according to a new report by P3, the world-leading networks quality testing company.

For the second consecutive year, P3 has carried out tests in Sweden, measuring all the major operators’ voice and surf services. All the tests are based on customer experience.

Telia is in at number one, also for the second year in a row. Moreover, Telia’s services rate higher than last year, which puts Telia in the international top class.

"We are very proud to be able to greatly surpass the results of last year, especially with regard to our customers’ surf experience," says Hélène Barnekow, CEO of Telia Sweden. "Furthermore, our mobile network is now in the international top class, which shows us that our investments and efforts have given our customers something very special.”

Tests have been carried out in 21 major cities, in 33 smaller towns and on connecting roads. About four million people, or about 42 percent of Sweden's population, have participated in the tests.

P3 has tested, among other things, voice calls over 4G, surf speed, customer response time, and the quality and speed for uploading and downloading. For example, when measuring how fast the upload and download was to and from certain social media, Telia received 574 points out of 600.
“Having the best network is extremely important in the digitized world we live in,” says Anders Olsson, head of Telia Global Services and Operations. “The demands of our customers are growing. To again win this prestigious test proves that all the hard work we put in to defend our position as the operator with the best networks, has clear results.”
The P3 report comes just a day after the results of the yearly Swedish Quality Index were announced. They show that Telia continues to have the country's most satisfied business customers.

Facts: P3 report
P3 has conducted independent tests for almost 15 years and is considered to be world-leading and standardizing in the field.
P3 annually publishes reports on the service and quality of mobile networks - with a strong focus on customer experience.
The reports provide an independent view of mobile services.
2017 is the second year in a row that P3 tests the networks in Sweden.

The 2017 P3 Connect mobile benchmark in Sweden