Podcast: Digital criminals

The Fast Forward podcast looks into the world of digital crimes. How do digital villains work? How do you fight them and investigate cybercrime? How big of a problem is this?

Remember Petya? In a ransomware attack, your computer is hijacked and infected with a virus – but the perpetrator gives you the opportunity to get your computer back if you pay, for instance 3,000 bitcoins.

This is just one of many types of digital crimes. There is malware, DDos attacks, hacking, internet theft… The cost for cybercrimes globally was 450 billion dollars in 2016. And these are difficult crimes to solve – without fingerprints, no DNA, and often no witnesses.
The police faces huge challenges.

In this episode of Fast Forward, you will hear
• Philipp Amann, Senior Strategic Analyst, Europol
• Joakim von Braun, IT Security Consultant
• Oskar Gross, Cyber Crime Unit, Tallinn, Estonia
• Mukesh Choudhary, Cyber Security Expert, Jaipur, India

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Hosted by Swedish journalists Mattias Bergman and Andreas Utterström, Telia Company’s podcast “Fast Forward” describes and explores digitalization beyond the buzzwords.

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