Podcast: Life after death through AI

The latest Fast Forward podcast talks about death, virtual afterlife and using artificial intelligence to mimic dead people.

AI, artificial intelligence, is on everyone’s lips and attracts huge investments. It is projected to influence almost all aspects of our life – even death!

Actually, digital communication technologies and machine learning might change how we handle both our digital legacy and the mourning process when someone close to us has passed away.

It’s time to have a plan for what happens with your digital persona when you’re not there anymore, says Evan Carroll from Digital Beyond, proposing that we should handle the question just like when we write our will.
We also talk to Marius Ursache, an entrepreneur doctor who constructs digital avatars of dead people, enabling us to simulate chats with loved ones who are no longer here – even celebrities!
But what happens in our mind when dead people get eternal life through digital technology? Lena Fagéus, priest and psychotherapist, has some words of warning.

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Hosted by Swedish journalists Mattias Bergman and Andreas Utterström, Telia Company’s podcast “Fast Forward” describes and explores digitalization beyond the buzzwords.

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