PSTN network closed in Estonia

Telia Estonia is first in Telia Company to close down the PSTN, Public Switched Telephone Network. At the end of June the last B2C customer was migrated to the new alternative IP based solutions.

Telia Estonia is the first one to achieve this in Telia Company and one of the very few in global context.

Most of Telia Estonia´s departments and many colleagues have been involved in this project that has lasted for 2,5 years. In the process, 300 old phone stations are replaced with voip phone stations, and 130 smaller phone stations are closed permanently. This was all done by September 2016 and after that the focus was on migrating customers - which has now been fully completed.

In the beginning of the project, there were 120 000 analogue and digital phones as well as 2600 ISDN products connected to PSTN. RAS1000 radio phone network was also closed in the end on 2016 as part of this project.

Celebration cake

Celebration cake