Joint push for accelerated standardization of 5G technology

Telia Company supports an acceleration of a 5G New Radio standardization schedule to enable large-scale trials and deployments as early as 2019.

In connection to the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona several of the largest global mobile communications companies jointly announced their support for the acceleration of the 5G New Radio (NR) standardization schedule.

Based on the current timeline the earliest 5G NR deployments will likely not be possible until 2020.

Trials and deployment
Instead, the new proposal introduces an intermediate milestone to complete specification documents related to a configuration called Non-Standalone 5G NR to enable large-scale trials and deployments starting in 2019.

“Fundamental pre-requisite”
Mauro Costa, Director, Network Architecture & Strategy, Telia Company says: “A global standard is a fundamental pre-requisite to make 5G a success and open up for innovation and new business opportunities. Considering the large and increasing 5G interest from our customers, we see a strong need to have the standard to progress fast and complete on time.”

Press release

Facts 5G and Telia Company
In January 2016 Telia Company and Ericsson entered into a strategic partnership to let customers in Stockholm and Tallinn experience 5G services in 2018. Telia Company has also partnered with Nokia to introduce 5G services in Helsinki in 2018.