Surf, call and text within the EU like you are at home

15 June 2017 puts an end to roaming charges for travelers in the EU. Mobile users can make calls, send texts and use the internet abroad in the EU at the same cost as at home.

EU's "Roam like at Home" regulation - where customers pay domestic prices for surfing, calling and texting, irrespective of where they are traveling in the EU - will become a reality for European travelers this summer. All existing or new contracts that include roaming services will be adjusted to "Roam like at home" contracts.

The Roam at home service is not meant to be used as a permanent roaming solution. The general rule is that as long as mobile customers spend more time at home than abroad or use their phones more at home than abroad, they can roam at domestic prices when travelling in the EU.

Telia Company’s customers should contact Telia in their respective country if they have questions regarding the new roaming regulation.

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