Sonera launches the first new-generation enterprise network service in Europe

To meet the needs of business customers in an increasingly digitalized world, Sonera, as the first operator in Europe, will provide cloud-based SD-WAN – software-defined Wide Area Network – for production use to its business customers.

The SD-WAN service is an answer to the transition needs in network services brought about by digitalization. It cuts the time needed for network service changes and introduction of new network functionalities to a fraction by performing the necessary actions in the cloud. It adapts to a company's business needs in real time and automatically, and is suitable for companies of all sizes.

IT Managers at companies with offices in several locations will find it far easier to secure and manage the network between all locations than previously as SD-WAN allows for the network to be managed through an easy-to-use management tool.

"As companies’ operations turn digital and services become increasingly cloud-based, we need advanced network services supporting a new way of operating. We are the market leader in enterprise network services in Finland, so it is natural that we act as a pioneer, introducing new-generation solutions to our customers and contributing to the competitiveness of Finnish companies in increasingly intense international competition", says Jussi Salminen, Head of Enterprise Business at Sonera.

The SD-WAN service operates on any IP connections and is thus operator independent. Centralized, highly automated implementation of services brings about unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

One of the first customers to use the SD-WAN service is accounting and consultation company Talenom, which has 24 offices across Finland. In addition to Finland, Sonera’s SD-WAN service is available in Nordic and Baltic countries, and the availability will be gradually expanded to become global.