World´s first Narrowband IOT at sea

A Norwegian startup recently launched a solar cell driven bailer for small boats which can be monitored from a mobile app. Combined with new IoT technology from Telia, the “SUB-pump” is the world’s first product using a narrowband IoT-solution at sea.

Most boat owners are often worried about whether their boats could sink after being filled with rainwater, and therefore often feel the need to go check on their boat to see if everything is in order. On top of this, it is a well known fact that many boat trips starts with the dreary work of scooping water out of the boat.

The Narrowband IOT (NB-IOT) SUB-pump is the solution to all of the above - a solar cell driven pump for smaller open boats. The development of the product started in the Spring of 2016, and 60 prototypes are already sold. When launched broadly, it comes with all modern technology: Connection to Telias network, built in battery, sensors, intelligent monitoring, GPS, and Telia’s new narrowband IoT module – the new tailor made Internet of Things technology that Telia Norway were the first in the world to launch at the end of last year.

”This is an excellent example of how new technology and digital solutions can solve everyday problems and create value in modern life, making life easier for boat owners", says Jon Christian Hillestad, Head of Technology Telia Norge.

Other examples of how Telia´s IoT technology is being used is for smart farming and smart parking. The SUB-pump is the first narrowband IoT-solution at sea, and is by definition a clear signal of Telia Norway being at the frontline of digitalization in not only the Nordics, but also the world.

Telia´s IoT solution, with the combination of GPS, sensors, and the internet, opens up for more new services within various industries and places, like alarm systems, surveillance, monitoring of batteries, equipment as well as integration, and of emergency and sea rescue services.

The SUB-pump is launched at the Sjoen for alle event at Lilleström in Norway 22 – 26 March.