Swedes: an increasingly digitised people

Swedish households have an average of almost 13 connected devices, according to new survey data from Telia. Smartphones and tablets are at the top of the list, but speakers, home security devices and indoor climate devices are on the rise.

Data from Telia Company’s broadband customers and the new connected home platform Telia Zone show that Swedish households have an average of 13 connected devices, totalling more than 53 million devices.

“Smartphones and tablets are no surprise. But surprisingly many have connected speakers, home security systems such as locks and alarms, and have even invested in smart weather stations. The explanation might be that Swedes love to talk about the weather and listen to music. They might also want to check on their homes while they’re on vacation,” says Rickard Damm, Head of Telia Zone.

According to Telia data, Strängnäs is the most connected Swedish municipality where households have an average of 18 connected devices. The data also shows that Swedes are big fans of Apple. 33 percent of all the connected devices, or 17.6 million, are Apple devices.

Telia Sweden has recently upgraded 750 000 households with Telia Zone which turns the router into a platform for new services. Within short all 1.1 million of Telia’s routers will be upgraded.

The data which has been used for the survey has been anonymised and cannot be tracked to a specific individual or household.

Telia Zone (in Swedish)