Telia climbs sustainability ranking

Telia Company gains five points in this year's "Walking the Talk" report. This puts the company in the top 5 Swedish enterprises when it comes to actually fulfilling their sustainability ambitions.

The "Walking the Talk" report is a study of the sustainability work and communication of Stockholm's large cap companies, compiled by the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) of the Stockholm School of Economics.The report analyses what companies communicate: what they say that they will do, and what they say they have done, within Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility. The study uses a sample of 88 companies from seven different sectors and is intended to represent the largest companies in Sweden.

"Hard work pays off. Today Telia Company is working to create an even more sustainable mindset and a responsible culture. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but at the same time we realize that this work needs to be reinforced over and over again. Expectations towards companies grow and we want to be able to meet and exceed the expectations of today and tomorrow", says Anne Larilahti, Head of Sustainability at Telia Company.

Top walkers:
Telia Company
Billerud Korsnäs

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