Telia Company joins Global Deal

Today, Telia Company has become a signatory of the Global Deal, a global initiative for social dialogue and better conditions in the labor market. Telia Company is committed to ensuring sustainable and responsible business practices and becoming part of the Global Deal will support that work.

“Telia Company is today working hard to run sustainable operations in a responsible way. I am pleased that we are joining the Global Deal where we can share our insights, and also keep on improving by learning from others,” says Johan Dennelind, Telia Company's CEO.

The Global Deal partnership, developed by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in cooperation with ILO and OECD, was launched in September 2016 to address the challenges in the global labor market and enabling all people to benefit from globalization.

“I am very pleased that Telia has joined the Global Deal. The Global Deal is about bringing actors on the labor market together to increase the benefits of globalization and Telia will be a valuable partner in that endeavor,” says Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

About the Global Deal