Telia and Generation Pep launch app to keep kids active

Developed together with children, the app Telia PEP! will encourage youngsters to a more active life.

Sweden is one of the countries in Europe where people are the least physically active and only a small percentage of children get the daily-recommended amount of exercise, which is one hour. While digitalization improves everyday life and society rapidly, it also contributes to increased screen time.

Telia is working together with the Generation Pep organization to promote physical exercise in everyday life with the help of technology and is now launching a new app – Telia PEP! - that will encourage kids to keep active.

Developed together with children in the ages of 9-12 years, the Telia PEP! app aims to increase daily exercise in a fun way by challenging kids to physical activities and rewarding the completed challenge with surf.
To support parents who want to help their children to a more healthy lifestyle, Telia has also developed a digital platform with inspiration and information.

“Children and young people use our services to a large extent, so young people's health mean a lot to us in Telia. As market leaders, we must step up and take responsibility and we hope that with Telia PEP! we can inspire children and young people to daily exercise,” says Hélène Barnekow, CEO Telia in Sweden.

Gerda Nilsson Tjernström, Head of Operations at Generation Pep, says:
"We are proud that we, together with Telia, can provide a concrete tool that motivates children to keep active in everyday life. We know that using smartphones has become an everyday part of many children's life and we have a great opportunity to use the phone to break the inactivity and instead inspire exercise.”

More information
Telia PEP! is available in App Store and Google Play on August 17.

On the web site, parents can find expert tips, blog posts and information on children, health and scree time.

Initiated by the Swedish Crown Princess Couple, Generation Pep is a non-profit organization that aims to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for children and young people in Sweden. Telia in Sweden is one of the founding partners, with among others IKEA and ICA.