Telia walks hospitals into digitalized future

Telia is moving swiftly ahead when it comes to supporting Swedish hospitals in digitalizing healthcare and in making their day-to-day operations more effective. Two new e-services have now launched in Sweden: Digitalt Vårdrum (digital care room) and Digital Vårdplanering (digital care planning).

"Within Telia's healthcare offerings our virtual team ProCare is already supporting several Swedish hospitals, but until now these services have mainly been connected to specific applications," says Jan Ribe, who heads the ProCare team. "The two new services have been developed in close collaboration with the healthcare institutions to allow patients to safely connect, via the app or their computer, with healthcare staff from their local hospital. This increases availability for both patients and healthcare staff, and contributes to safe and efficient care." 

Ribe explains that Telia is making it easier for patients to get in touch with doctors and healthcare professionals who are actually familiar with the patient's individual history. Digital Vårdplanering enables healthcare providers to plan the care for an outpatient without having to meet in person. Digitalt Vårdrum creates new conditions in which patients can see physicians and nurses from their local hospital via a video link.

"One of the benefits of these services is that they help streamline healthcare and free up resources that can now be used for more patient-focused activities. In the pilot projects we've seen that we can release up to 15 percent of the healthcare workers' hours per month," Ribe says.

Who do you think will use these services?

"Public hospitals and private healthcare providers who want to use resources more effectively and make themselves more available to those patients who demand increased flexibility," Ribe says.