Anton, 10, suffers from lung disease – but can still enjoy football

A kid who loves football but can't ever play or even join the cheering crowds at football stadiums because of a rare lung disease – it is a pretty heart-wrenching scenario. Fortunately, such scenarios may increasingly remain just that; scenarios. Because through the recent collaboration between No Isolation, The Danish Lung Association, Football Club Copenhagen (FCK) and Telia, 10-year-old Anton got a first-person view walking onto the field with his favorite player, watching the match and meeting some of the team players. He did it all through his Ipad at home.

We have previously told you about No Isolation’s social robots – they’re called AV1 and are telepresence robots specifically developed for children and young adults with long-term illness. And their sole mission is to make a sick kid’s life a little bit more like that of a healthy kid. 

On Sunday October 28, TV viewers at home and fans in the stands at Telia Parken Stadium in Copenhagen could witness Denmark's first social robot taking on the job as mascot during the Super League showdown between FCK and rival football club AGF. The AV1 was carried onto the field by FCK midfielder Viktor Fisher. And Anton, who suffers from a rare lung disease, could experience it all directly through the robot's eyes.
"As Viktor Fisher ran onto the field with the robot under his arm, it most likely gave most of us who saw it goose bumps. It makes me proud to see how we can make a difference in people’s lives. Anton had a great experience before, during and after the game, and we continue trying to create many more such experiences through the four robots we have donated to both the region’s hospital and to the Children's Lungs Fund,” says Telia Denmark CEO Morten Bentzen, and continues:
"We want to inspire to innovation and to show the potential of digitalization – to the benefit of us all. Together with The Danish Lung Association​, FCK and No Isolation, and through our technology, we can focus on young patients who constantly deal not only with health issues but with isolation as well.”
Anton suffers from Diffuse Pulmonary Disease, a group of rare and serious lung diseases that attack the lung tissue. While he loves football, many children with his condition cannot participate actively in any sports or be in large crowds, because of breathing problems and the risk of infections.
Watch Anton’s experience