Data scientist shares deep insights

Meet our researchers: Daniel Edsgärd, one of Telia Company’s data scientists and a PhD in Bioinformatics, shares his insights on spatial statistics, recently published in world-leading science journal Nature Methods.

Daniel Edsgärd came to Telia and the data analytics unit two years ago, bringing years of research experience in how to extract facts through statistics.

Trained as an engineer, he has applied quantitative techniques to questions in biology and medicine. Now his latest research is published in Nature Methods, one of the most prestigious journals in the world of science.

A method for spatial pattern detection
The article tells the story of how using spatial statistics can increase our knowledge. As with any sound science the work had to undergo a thorough review-process, including several iterations with external reviewers and a team of professional editors.

“It was an intense process. I had to add more analysis, re-do others and sharpen and clarify the methodology to really validate and prove my point. The type of method I used hadn’t been used in this area before, more in geology studies,” says Daniel Edsgärd.

The article was published in March this year with the title “Identification of spatial expression trends in single-cell gene expression data”.

“What I do is that I apply a statistical method to automatically find spatial patterns that give new and crucial information about the data we investigate, for instance it can help to identify new and important cell types in tumors,” says Daniel Edsgärd.

Are the trends for real?
Telia is gradually becoming more data-driven. An increasing amount of data is gathered and visualized in integrated views which enables better business decisions.

“The methods I use can help us take the next step in this journey, from a qualitative investigation of visualized data to a quantitatively based statement – telling whether the trend you think you see is significant or not.”

Data science is transferable between domains
”Of course I’m proud of being published in one of the most respected journals. It’s a great recognition that my research is important and that it can be applied to real problems. I’m thrilled by how generic these approaches are and that my knowledge can be transferred and applied to Telia’s business questions,” he says.

Nature Methods is a monthly journal publishing novel methods and significant improvements to basic life sciences research techniques. All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors.