Estonia 100 years: Telia has a special gift

Telia Company sends its birthday wishes to Estonia, along with a gift.

Humans have inhabited the terrain of what is now Estonia since 9000 BC, but this week Estonians celebrate their Independence Day and a hundred years of sovereignty. They certainly go all in – the three-year party began in April last year and won’t end until February 2, 2020. 

It was on February 24, 1918 that independence was declared and the Republic of Estonia was born. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany may have taken turns at occupying Estonia during the past century, but the sovereign state was always preserved by exile governments and diplomats. On August 20, 1991 Estonia finally restored its independence.

As a birthday gift when the celebrations began last year, Telia launched a special app in cooperation with the Estonian government’s celebration team.
Via the app, Estonians everywhere can get the latest information about celebration events across the country.

“Going forward, we are adding a section with locally-produced movies. These so-called ’EV100 Movies’ are based on Estonian well-known books and will be released in 2018 and 2019. We have an exclusive deal to have the movies in Telia TV first which is hopefully highly appreciated by customers,“ says Katrin Isotamm, Head of Communications at Telia in Estonia.

Since Estonia regained its independence, it has established itself as one of the world's most advanced digital nations. The latest to dub it "The Digital Republic" is renowned magazine The New Yorker, claiming that as far as digitalization goes Estonia may be one of the countries that have truly found the way of the future.

Estonia's actual Independence Day is on Saturday, February 24. Telia Company wishes Estonia and Estonians everywhere a happy independence day celebration. 

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