Incorrect reporting about Telia Company

On 23 January, a Swedish daily reported about Telia Company and alleged breaches of internal guidelines. With regards to the article, the company has the following comments:

Azercell in Azerbaidjan has since 2014 used services of its subcontractor Netframe. According to the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet the decision to contract Netframe was in violation of Telia Company’s guidelines. The allegation is incorrect. The decision was made locally by Azercell and complied with the guidelines in place at that time.

Svenska Dagbladet also claims that Telia Company’s President and CEO Johan Dennelind decided to keep Netframe as a sub-contractor, thus violating internal guidelines. That allegation is also incorrect. Johan Dennelind has not taken part in any decision which could have violated internal guidelines.

The daily also claims to have requested an interview with Johan Dennelind regarding Netframe. Telia Company is not aware of such a request. The company’s media relations department has answered all of Svenska Dagbladet’s questions in due time. 

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