Podcast: Balancing digital life

We love our smartphones and live in a culture of “always on”. Should we limit our digital lives? Or do we accept that we live in a digital world? Listen to the latest episode of the Fast Forward podcast.

The number of reports of smartphone addictions increase every year and the “digital detox” industry flourishes accordingly. How do we find balance between digital and unplugged life? Then again, is the notion of digital balance something that will go out of style when we have adopted technology to the fullest?

You will hear
Orianna Fielding, founder of Digital Detox Company and author of acclaimed book “Unplugged”
Ramsay Brown, co-founder of Dopamine Labs

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Hosted by Swedish journalists Mattias Bergman and Andreas Utterström, Telia Company’s podcast “Fast Forward” describes and explores digitalization beyond the buzzwords.

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