Sense finds a special place in speed lover’s heart

Former Swedish ski star Jens Byggmark still loves speed but as he drives the family car something else has become increasingly important and Telia Sense provides it.

Jens Byggmark recently retired from a career as a World Cup alpine skier and moved back to Sweden. Instead of chasing medals in the ski slopes he’s now an entrepreneur and gets to spend more time with the family.

Byggmark is still a lover of high speed but doesn’t get to enjoy it that much in the family car. Instead he has come to appreciate other features in the car.
“One big advantage with Telia Sense is that my kids have wifi in the car. We will soon go to Tärnaby from Stockholm and it is 900 kilometers, so Sense will really be helpful,” he says and continues: “I really like the car control features in Sense as well. I always forget where I have parked the car. With Sense I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Facts Telia Sense
Telia Sense is a device that connects to the car’s onboard computer and is developed with partners from the automotive and insurance industries. It enables a combination of car-control functionalities, such as remote car monitoring and diagnostics, 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi, usage-based car insurance and even car sharing.

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