Stockholm Exergi and Telia join forces on efficient energy systems in smart buildings

Stockholm Exergi and Telia Company have entered into a strategic partnership on smart buildings. The first step is to upgrade technology in thousands of buildings and improve steering of district heating. During the first three years, 9000 devices will be connected via smart Internet of Things (IoT) units.

Stockholm Exergi is on a mission to make Stockholm an even more sustainable city with the ambition to use 100 percent renewable and recycled energy already by 2030. In order to succeed, Stockholm Exergy is working on several fronts, including making power and energy consumption more efficient through modern technology and digital solutions, leading to financial savings, improved comfort and reduced environmental impact. 

In order to make such an extensive infrastructure upgrade, Stockholm Exergi has entered into a new framework agreement with Telia for the installation of 9 000 smart IoT-units.

"With this solution, we can support our customers to be more efficient in terms of property power and energy consumption. It makes it easier to control temperature in the buildings with a more balanced indoor temperature as a result," says Stefan Patrikson, Business Development Director, Stockholm Exergi. 

After the installation of an IoT unit, property owners can access digital services for smarter energy optimization, an important step towards digitalization of a building’s energy system. This gives property owners a complete digital overview of all properties, making it easier to distribute resources to where they are needed the most. Some maintenance will be replaced by digital and automated solutions.

"Stockholm is one of the world’s most digitalized and sustainable cities. Our partnership is a concrete example of leveraging digitalization to make energy  consumption more efficient, thereby creating a more sustainable society. By teaming up, we make Stockholm even greener, more innovative and a bit smarter," says Brendan Ives, Head of Division X, Telia Company.

Under the partnership, Telia commits to deliver 9 000 IoT units which Stockholm Exergi will install during the next three years.

"Telia is a key partner in making this happen, delivering a stable, powerful and high quality solution. This is a partnership where Telia and Stockholm Exergi, by teaming up, contribute to a sustainable and energy efficient city, starting with properties’ energy needs," says Stefan Patrikson.