Telia Company and Stora Enso bring 5G and AR to the forest industry

Telia Company together with Stora Enso tested the augmented reality and 5G technology use cases in the forest industry. The solutions were tested at Stora Enso’s Oulu mill in Finland where real-time information is being used in mill maintenance.

The application of augmented reality and virtual models will enable a more rapid use of, for example, maintenance information at mills. Using a virtual model of a machine and real-time data concerning information points, can improve the operational reliability of the mills.

The upcoming introduction of the 5G technology together with the computing capacity of the Telia Helsinki Data Center create a platform for services that can use AR, VR and 360views.

”With our pilots at Stora Enso’s Oulu mill, we have explored the area where IoTand 5G solutions will most likely produce the first breakthroughs in introducing new, more effective processes. Solutions based on the collection, transfer and analysis of real-time data are the key to renewing industrial processes,” says Janne Koistinen, Head of 5G program at Telia Finland.

Telia Company and 5G

Telia kicked off the 5G era in Finland on September 5, 2018 with the introduction of a pre-commercial 5G network in Helsinki. The goal is to launch commercial services in the beginning of 2019.

5G is expected to improve the throughput of mobile networks by more than 20 times and the capacity up to hundred times compared to current networks. 5G will enable for example autonomous driving, new concepts in e-learning and e-health and new types of critical industrial processes.