Telia boosts volunteer program

This week is a special one: two of the UN’s international observance days are taking place and Telia is therefore giving its regular volunteer initiative, YOUNITE, a real boost.

Tuesday, May 15, was the UN International Day of Families. It’s been observed since 1993, to reflect the importance of families and to raise awareness of the social processes affecting families across the world.

A day also close to Telia’s heart is the UN’s World Telecommunications Day, observed on May 17. That’s on Thursday this week, but it has been celebrated every year since 1969.

To acknowledge these days and to continue its work to support the UN sustainability goals, YOUNITE offers employees an extra-large number of opportunities to volunteer this week. YOUNITE is Telia’s own program, in which employees can spend a set number working hours in specific volunteer projects, all set up to help society and people in the journey to becoming more digitalized. One such example is teaching children about online safety 

“We’ve got real-life and online volunteering opportunities all across the Telia countries this week,” says Hilma Nordquist, YOUNITE Program Manager. “YOUNITE really is a great chance to get engaged in social issues relating to digitalization.

Find out more about YOUNITE here.