Telia Company adopts Human Rights Policy

Telia Company has adopted a Human Rights Policy that embodies existing policies in relation to human rights and also adds commitments connected to the protection of children, due diligence, human rights in the value chain, training of relevant employees, and grievance and remedy.

Telia Company is committed to internationally recognized human rights outlined in the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles concerning fundamental rights in the International Labour Organization´s core conventions. A string of specific policies - ranging from customer privacy to procurement and freedom of expression and surveillance privacy - have been developed and published over many years. Telia Company has now elaborated its human rights commitments and published a new policy, which also provides a holistic understanding of how it seeks to meet its pledges.

“By adopting this policy, we pledge to maintain a business environment that reflects respect for human rights,” says Johan Dennelind, CEO and President. “As a New Generation Telco, we serve our customers as a vital part of the social and economic infrastructure in the markets where we operate. We employ a wide range of tools and services that can significantly promote sustainable development and human rights. As a company, we have a responsibility to respect human rights under our Code of Responsible Business Conduct and, foremost, under the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.”

Telia Company Human Rights Policy 

For further information, contact
VP Anne Larilahti, Head of Group Sustainability Strategy, +46 (7) 02602613
Patrik Hiselius, Senior Advisor, Digital Rights, +46 (7) 06396149