Telia Company inaugurates world class data center in Finland

Telia Helsinki Data Center, the most modern open data center in Europe, started its operations today, June 5.

The new facility in Helsinki is the biggest open data center in Finland and will multiply the country’s data center capacity. In addition, focus on on energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and information security makes the new data center one of the greenest.

“The data volumes are growing at a huge rate, which means that we have to build new kinds of secure data factories. The Helsinki Data Center is designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, the building is strongly linked to Telia's international network, through which almost 40 per cent of the internet traffic of the whole world is carried each day,” says Stein-Erik Vellan, CEO of Telia Finland.

The design of the Helsinki Data Center has focused on both physical security and information security. Pasi Sutinen, Head of Telia’s Data Center Business, affirms that, as a whole, the 160 million euro investment- is the most modern data center in Europe.

“The information, security, electricity and extinguishing systems are tuned with the most advanced solutions of the world. The customers' data is protected here in the best possible manner,” Sutinen underlines.

“This has been an exceptionally interesting and challenging building project. It was carried out on schedule without compromising quality, and more than 2,200 top experts in construction were involved in it. It gives me great pleasure to say that we have now built a world-class data center in Finland, and everyone who has participated in the project can be proud of the result,” says Juha Toimela, Executive Vice President at SRV who was responsible for the contract work in the project.

The greenest data center 
In constructing the new data center, special attention has also been paid to environmental issues. Tens of thousands of servers produce a huge amount of heat, which is enough for heating up to 20,000 homes in Espoo in the future.

“The Helsinki Data Center is the greenest data center in Europe. It has been granted the most significant environmental certificates in the industry,” says Sutinen.

The total capacity of the Helsinki Data Center is 24 MW, which will multiply the data center capacity available to companies operating in Finland.

“These kinds of data factories make it possible for both society and companies to utilize data in full, when artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things and 5G are changing the everyday lives of us all at an accelerating rate,” Pasi Sutinen concludes.

Facts Telia Helsinki Data Center
The new Telia Helsinki Data Center is the largest open data center in the Nordic countries.
The carrier-neutral data center will provide services for both Finnish and international companies, as its network connections will cover the whole world.
The Helsinki Data Center will also form a platform for the services enabled by the fourth industrial revolution, such as robotics, IoT and 5G.
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