Telia employees unite to map the world

Today, hundreds of Telia employees come together to trace and map remote areas of the world with the ambition to make help organizations’ relief and emergency efforts more effective. This mapathon event is also part of Telia Company’s celebration of the UN's International Volunteering day.

Today, December 5, marks the UN's International Volunteering Day. To contribute to a better society and to the vision of bringing the world closer, Telia employees across the company’s markets in several countries take part in a mapathon. The activity is part of Telia Company YOUNITE, an employee volunteering program which enable and encourage employees, as part of their employment, to engage in activities and societal contributions connected to digitalization.

"This particular event enables us to make a true impact, our efforts will have real effect,” says Elina Raeder, YOUNITE Program Manager ​.

There are tens of thousands of square kilometers on Earth that have not been geographically documented – mapped. And maps are the number-one prerequisite for reaching remote areas and in assisting help organizations to bring relief to areas that need it the most.

The Telia Company YOUNITE volunteers will be tracing and documenting buildings and roads from satellite images. These maps can then be used by help organizations to plan missions more efficiently and to reduce the safety and security risks to both workers and the local populations.

We’re hoping to complement the world's maps with over 64 000 buildings. That is making a difference for real,” Raeder says.