Telia joins groundbreaking digitalization initiative

Digital Demo Stockholm is an initiative to make Stockholm the world’s smartest and most connected city – and Telia is its newest member.

The initiative is a joint effort by The City of Stockholm, the county council, The Royal Institute of Technology, Ericsson, Vattenfall, ABB, Skanska, Scania and now Telia.

“Digital Demo Stockholm is exactly the type of ecosystem we need to build to truly reach the full potential when it comes to digitalization and the rapid technology advancement. By bringing together unique skills from a wide range of industries and areas we can develop innovative solutions for the city’s citizens and businesses and thereby contribute to a smart and sustainable development,” says Magnus Leonhardt, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Telia Sweden. 

Digital Demo Stockholm’s goal is to help Stockholm becomes the world’s smartest and most connected city by 2040. Through the initiative, government, higher education institutions, research institutions and industries are now working together to achieve this goal.
Telia will contribute with its skills and technical solutions to enable the testing of, for example, 5G, IoT, data analysis and innovation.

One of the current projects within the initiative is examining how IoT can contribute to cleaner water. Telia is part of this project, which develops and evaluates different methods to monitor the quality of the water and to prevent sabotage. One way is to identify toxins in the water by using connected sensors installed in the taps. 

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