They show us what’s cool - Behind the scenes of Telia’s techtorial videos

They are self-confessed tech nerds who regularly show off and explain new services, solutions and gadgets to the rest of the connected world. Telia Company’s Nichole Rappestad and Bror Welander host Telia’s own so-called techtorials – broadcast shows about cool stuff.

When Telia Company Purchase Planner and Logistics and Process Manager Nichole Rappestad puts make-up powder on Mobile Accessories Category Manager Bror Welander’s face, so he won’t shine too much on camera, it becomes clear the two know each other well.

“Right,” Rappestad says. “I can’t do much more than that for you, dude. It’s as good as it will ever be.”

“Well, thanks,” Welander says. “Let’s start then.”

Watch a short clip from behind the scenes:

We’re at production company Multiproduktion’s studio in Stockholm, gearing up to make another techtorial. There are several out already on YouTube, and on Telia Company’s training portal for sales staff. This time, the show will be about the look and features of the new Samsung phone, the new One Plus 5T and other contraptions that will arouse the minds of the techtorial fans and other viewers.

It was Rappestad’s passion for new technology – and, of course, Welander’s suggestion that she join him as co-host – that pulled her into techtorial production. She is originally from the plains. The Östgöta Plain, rather, and the city of Norrköping in the middle of Sweden. During her studies to become an engineer she worked part-time in a Telia Store, and upon graduating she joined the Telia logistics team.

“I am spurred on by growing, by the feeling of getting better at something both in my work and in my private life,” Rappestad says while waiting for Welander to finish a take with just him in it. “I am probably even a little bit scared of not moving forward and excelling. I am also about having fun. If you have fun, or if you try to make most things in life a bit more fun, it’s easier to grow.”

Techtorials are fun, according to both her and Welander. Rappestad says that they add an element of variation to her more traditional work tasks.

“Trying out and talking about new stuff that will be part of Telia’s business, is great.”

The idea behind it all is that Welander and his team saw some difficulties in reaching out to Telia’s sales operation to spread information and knowledge about the hardware.

“We had some great results with our ‘unboxing videos’ a couple of years ago,” Welander says. “So to reach out now we decided to try video again. The idea also fit well together with the mobile sales training portal that we launched to the stores at that time.”

He’s been with Telia since 1999, when he started out working in several stores. Today, he manages the contacts with suppliers and makes the decisions about the assortment of mobile accessories. He says he strives to always learn new things and to do everything a bit smarter.

”I am a total gadget nerd and I want to spread the interest and the joy I feel about technological stuff. If I can do that in a way so that my colleagues can in turn inspire our customers, I would be very happy.”

The response has been great, and it looks like stardom comes with the package.

“Our colleagues who work in sales and in the stores recognize me, and even my children’s friends at school have reacted when they’ve seen me. ‘It’s you, the man with phones on television, ‘they’ve said. But mainly because the videos are greatly appreciated among the staff in the stores and the sales operation, we’ll go for at least another year.” 

Rappestad agrees. She says she gets great feedback about the You Tube channel. Telia’s suppliers have seen the videos too, and say they really like them.

“The videos have become a great help for us internally, but people outside of the organization have also discovered them. It’s fun,” she says.

The production guys are starting to hover around her and she has to get back to work. They’re setting up to shoot a segment about the new One Plus smartphone.

“That will not work, will it?” she asks Welander as they line up in front of the camera.

“Why? Welander asks.
“Because it will look a bit moronic if you stand like that and I am way over here and the camera is there.”

Welander laughs, shifts position and says, “You happy now? But this angle feels…inappropriate. I mean, you’re…”

They’re interrupted by the camera man.

“Just stand there, please,” he says. “Are you ready now, then? So let’s do it.”

The stars of the show:

Nichole Rappestad
Born: 1993
Lives: In a small, one-room apartment in central Stockholm.
Family: My boyfriend, we’re about to move in together. The rest are all in Norrköping
Interests: My friends, my horses and the Swedish archipelago
What do you like about working at Telia?
“My colleagues! They are the best. Other than that my job is exciting and fast and mostly, no two days are exactly the same.
What is Telia good at?
”We’re good at taking care of employees that want to move forward and contribute with their skills in several different parts of the organization. I can clearly see that there is that mobility here.
What can we do better?
”We could promote those who do the work ’in the background’ more. There are many steps to be taken before a deal is made or our customers notice something. I hope we can all have a better understanding of the whole chain of great people.”

Bror Welander
Born: 1976
Lives: Solna, Sweden
Family: Two children, 11 and 12 years old.
Interests: Gadgets, boat life, movies and series
What do you like about working at Telia?
“It’s a big company in which there are a lot of opportunities to grow and to try new things.”
What is Telia good at?
”We’re good at so many things, and I probably don’t know them all. But, I really like the fact that you can have a career here, and develop.
What can we do better?
”We could be a bit faster. When we gain momentum, we are mostly unstoppable on the market. But it can sometimes take a bit of time to reach that momentum.

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