Telia gives the gift of inclusion

To promote inclusion, Telia Company is arranging events today on Valentine's Day to help seniors in six countries in the Nordic and Baltics to get comfortable with new technology and how to use the internet.

Digitalization - the development and use of information and communications technology - has many positive effects on society but can be intimidating to those not used to it. Telia Company wants to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the digital age and by that contribute to achieving the UN goals, and specifically SDG 10 targeted at reducing inequality.

To support digital inclusion of the elderly, the company’s YOUNITE volunteers give of their time to provide seniors with the basic skills needed in a digital world.

Senior citizens in 18 locations in Denmark, Estonia Finland, Norway, Lithuania and Sweden have been invited to Telia to learn how to use the internet, to connect with friends and family, to find information or how different devices.

"We believe that through activities like these, we equip seniors with useful digital skills which has the potential to prevent isolation," says Terhi Ilmakari, project leader YOUNITE Finland.

YOUNITE is a volunteering initiative launched by Telia Company that enables and encourages its employees to engage in activities and societal contributions connected to digitalization.
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