Telia Company sets bold environmental goals

By 2030, Telia will be CO2 neutral with zero waste, not only within its own operations, but throughout the value chain. The company will now review its way of doing business and implement measures across the group.

Science shows that climate change and excessive consumption will have devastating impact on the planet if we do not do something unprecented.

ICT companies like Telia have great potential to make a huge impact by taking action. Telia Company is taking a stand by stepping up its environmental efforts and minimize the negative impacts.

“We feel it’s our responsibility to bolster our commitment and cut our environmental footprint to zero. But we also see an opportunity for growth as digitalization lies in the center of carbon emission reductions and circular economy. With our abilities and competence in communications, data analytics, IoT and much more, we can help our customers run their operations in a more energy-efficient way and enable new business models in for example sharing economy,” says Anne Larilahti, Head of Group Sustainability.

Telia will implement a battery of measures to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. To make significant impact, focus will be where the effect is the biggest, and where it fits business strategy the best. Through digitalization, the company has significant potential to impact the environment in a positive way and providing customers with eco-friendly solutions has a great potential of saving both money and reducing emissions.

Doing business with Telia will also come with environmental requirements on suppliers. Telia has over 30000 vendors and subcontractors that the company will work closely with to integrate the environmental agenda into their operations.

“I have already talked to some of our main vendors, some of them are big global companies, explaining that we will expect them to show higher ambition. So far, I have only seen positive reactions. I notice a willingness around the world, not least from our business customers, to change to sustainable operations, but there needs to be strong push and pull from forward leaning businesses,” says Johan Dennelind, Telia Company CEO.

Adopting new daring goals will not only affect the way the company does business – to accelerate and achieve these goals, everyone in the company will be involved.

”This agenda will require strong collaboration within the company, among peers, across industries, and with the public sector. We welcome all partners and while we are proud of our bold ambition, we would love to see others join or get even bolder,” says Johan Dennelind.

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