Telia Company connects 2,000 buses to smart heating

Telia Company has together with public transport company Nobina developed an IoT-service for smart heating of buses. 2,000 buses in Sweden have been equipped with the solution which will lower power consumption equivalent to the yearly output from two wind turbines.

Nobina is the Nordic region’s largest public transport service provider. It normally heats its buses at the garage before they are dispatched.

The new IoT-service makes the heating more efficient. 2,000 buses have been equipped with connected temperature sensors and control systems that ensure that the proper amount of energy is supplied at the right time to keep an ultimate temperature profile. The connected temperature sensors are screened in real-time and the temperature profile is updated depending how the buses are utilized.

The IoT-service lowers Nobina’s power consumption with 22GWh yearly which is equivalent to the output from mid-sized two wind turbines.

“We’re thrilled to help Nobina create an even more sustainable public bus transport system for society, drivers and passengers,” says Björn Hansen, Head of Iot, Division X at Telia Company.