Telia unites to keep kids safe online

This week, Telia Company will organize several international and local events to join in the celebrations of Safer Internet Day, or SID. The activities at Telia offices, aimed at children, will include coding schools, animated film workshops, safety internet webinars for Telia parents and grandparents and a challenge to build a paper laptop while discussing online behavior. The overall theme is “together for a better internet".

Safer Internet Day was started by the EU Safe Borders project and is now celebrated in about 140 countries worldwide. This year, it falls on Tuesday, February 5. Telia has turned it in to a week of activities during which children are invited to Telia offices for workshops. Furthermore, and in cooperation with Save the Children, Telia will organize webinars for Telia employees about online safety for children and youth.

Telia also has its own Safer Internet Day profile, as an acknowledgement of the company’s engagement.

The events are part of Telia’s employee volunteering program, YOUNITE. It encourages employees, as part of their employment, to engage in activities and societal contributions connected to digitalization in the community.

“We’ll have a wide range of activities for the kids,” says Elina Raeder, YOUNITE Program Manager. “All of them, including the coding schools, animated film workshops, safety internet webinars and more, have the purpose to educate, to “open up the floor” for discussions and to encourage discussions about online safety for children.”

The Telia volunteers contribute in several ways, for example by hosting a specific activity, by welcoming kids to the office, facilitating smaller groups, taking care of the premises and so on.

During the week, Telia will also introduce schools to its workshop in which school classes get to create animated films to further learn about online security and safety. These are done in cooperation with the World Childhood Foundation. To find out more and to apply, click here.

“These activities are in line with our strategy in several ways,” says Terhi Ilmakari, also YOUNITE Program Manager. “We are committed to contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include promoting education and equality, we want to be in the forefront of digitalization and we aim to have the most engaged employees. This event is one part in working to achieve this.”