Welcome to Sweden's first sustainable network

Telia is the first operator in Sweden whose electricity has been certified with the label Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). This means that 100 percent of the electricity is renewable, and that the electricity production meets other high standards in regards to the climate, animals, plants and people.

“Telia is, and should be, the sustainable choice for those who want to surf, stream, play, talk, chat and work in a more environmentally friendly way. By working with the SSNC, we want to make it easier to make a sustainable choice,” says Anna Augustson, Sustainability Manager at Telia Sweden.

According to the company’s environmental goals​, Telia will be completely carbon dioxide neutral by 2030, as will not generate any waste. This objective applies not only to the business itself, but to the entire value chain.
“A digital Sweden is a more sustainable Sweden. We will take our responsibility and reduce our own environmental impact to zero, but we also see an opportunity to contribute with new sustainable solutions for our customers and for society. For example, we collaborate with the tech company Ein​ride for more sustainable transports, and with the help of anonymized data from our mobile networks, we can contribute to smarter urban planning together with the municipalities.”
Earlier this year, Telia was named Sweden's most sustainable telecom operator in the Sustainable Brand Index, which is the Nordic region's largest brand survey on sustainability. You can read more about Telia's sustainability work here​.