Telia hits “Delete” for the environment

Starting today, Telia is running a three-day digital waste event, as part of celebrating World Environmental Day. How much energy can all of Telia employees save by cleaning out their computers from digital waste such as dusty old files and emails?

Digitalization is the key to a more sustainable world. But even the cloud has an environmental impact. Storing and retrieving files consumes energy. And storing data requires hardware, and producing that hardware has an environmental impact, and so forth. So today, Telia urges all its employees to remove digital waste.


"The key is not to stop being digital but to remove waste and be mindful of your digital carbon footprint," says Anne Larilahti, Head of Sustainability Strategy. "With traditional ways of working – sending multiple versions of the same document around as email attachments to people – you can easily use 100 times more space than by using O365 efficiently.”


During the three days, Telia arranges events across its markets, webinars and more in order for employees to learn more about new ways of working.