Telia Company supports children’s rights organization during Coronavirus crisis

It is busy times for Swedish children’s rights organization Bris. Children who are worried about the coronavirus disease are contacting Bris and children from exposed homes are experiencing particular difficulties. On March 16, the helpline increased its opening hours and during the last two weeks Bris’ counsellors have had a 30 percent increased number of supportive contacts about the coronavirus as well as other subjects in children’s lives, compared to the weeks before. Telia Company now donates SEK 3 million to enable more children to contact and be helped by Bris.

The coronavirus is more than a virus to children from exposed homes. Closed schools, cancelled sports events and families in quarantine hit the already exposed children. Bris will use Telia Company’s donation to upgrade communication services and to finance the increased number of incoming calls to its helpline. The donation will free more time and resources to be spend to the benefit of the children.

“Bris’ work is incredibly important and amazing. We want to contribute to ensuring that all children have access to professional support, especially in times of a crisis, when the adult world shows its failings and cannot provide children with the protection and care they are entitled to,” says Christian Luiga, acting President and CEO of Telia Company.

“I cannot imagine a better partner than Telia to service our helpline 116111 where children can call free of charge and anonymously to talk about their troubles. We also note the increased pressure on Bris in the wake of this pandemic which makes this donation even more appreciated,” says Magnus Jägerskog, secretary general of Bris.

Telia Company’s donation will be distributed over three years with SEK 1 million annually.

More information about Telia Company’s work to support children’s rights
Telia Company has for several years supported and worked closely with children’s rights organizations such as Childhood, Friends and Generation Pep to improve children’s rights. The Company supports the “Children’s Rights and Business Principles” (CRBP), developed by UN Global Compact, UNICEF and Save the Children. One of the priciples is about supporting societal and governmental actions to protect and care for children’s rights.
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