Holidays with heart: Telia YOUNITES for inclusion

At a time when more than ever are leaning on digital connectivity, Telia and its employee engagement program YOUNITE is providing the solutions for bridging the digital divide and making the holidays feel a bit more joyful and inclusive.

While physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial, the impact of the measures have also been especially difficult for the elderly who are isolated from the community, friends and family.

Connectivity has been celebrated as the answer to many challenges, but fear of new technology and lack of digital skill is worsening an already worrisome trend of isolation and loneliness. Digital inclusion of older people is more important now than ever. And this rather unusual holiday season, Telia’s employees are getting together to help the unconnected go digital and make the holidays more inclusive.

Through YOUNITE, employees are getting the tools and support to help seniors get comfortable with new technology, connect to the internet and keep in touch with their families and friends during this difficult period and beyond.

Employees will also send holiday greetings, messages, and other expressions of love and support to senior homes across Telia markets and learn how to the celebrate the holidays but spend time safely together with virtual holiday parties.