MODERN HEALTHCARE: New solution for support and flexibility

More people can now maintain close contact with healthcare from their homes. Swedish healthcare provider Capio has signed an agreement with Telia for a remote monitoring service. According to the partners , this is a clear example of the digitization that must take place in healthcare, and which will be crucial in the future.

“It’s fantastic that Capio has continued trust in Telia when Capio now chooses to expand the use of remote monitoring. This means that more proactive care can be provided and that more patients can receive help at home, which is of course especially important during periods when the healthcare sector  is under particular pressure and when ill and elderly people should preferably not visit healthcare centers," says Nina Bake, Head of Digital Health on Telia.
Telia Health Monitoring is the digital platform used for the service Capio Home, to securely gather health data and to communicate with patients.
The service is free for patients, and is aimed at people with high blood pressure, heart failure, type 2 diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patients can share their health data directly with Capio's care team, and through the collected information, the care team can optimize treatment and detect any deterioration in good time. Using this technology, patients can gain a better understanding of their health and be more involved in their own care. 14 of Capio's health centers are already running the service and the goal is for at least 1,500 patients to be connected to the service before the end of the year.
“At Capio we want to offer our patients with chronic diseases a freer and healthier life. That is why we have been working with Telia for two years to establish a service where we can be available digitally whenever possible, and physically if needed," says Alex Jaranka, Innovation Manager at Capio.
Nina Bake believes that digital solutions like this one will be crucial in the future.
“Our partnership with Capio is a great example of the digitization that must take place in healthcare. We share the same vision when it comes to the importance of having a dedicated care team that follows patients remotely, and that can continuously access patients' health data. We need to take these important steps now to be able to offer modern healthcare to a constantly increasing number of patients in the future," says Nina Bake.  
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